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Is your Personal Computer running slow or locking up? Are you ready to trash it and just buy another PC because of your frustration? Let me share a few simple and FREE tools that will save you money and heartburn (not to mention creating a safer web experience). I can almost guarantee great results. What have you got to lose?

Below are the steps I take when fixing people's PC headaches.

What To Do

What to Use

Download Below

Step 1 -
Update Microsoft Windows, Office and Internet Explorer

Microsoft Update

Click here for instructions...

Step 2 -
Clean old files and Registry


Click here for download...

Step 3 -
Remove Spyware & Viruses

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Click here for download...

Step 4 -
Defrag Your Harddrive

Auslogics Disk Defrag

Click here for download...

Step 5 -
Use a safe internet browser

Mozilla Firefox

Click here for download...

Once a Week

* Check for and install Microsoft Updates
* Run CCleaner to clean junk files and the Registry
* Check for updates and run anti-malware software

Once a Month

Defrag your harddrive.

Glossary - PC Security

Ten Commands for PC Security

Keep Your PC Running Like New

PC Wireless Security

Ten Commandments PowerPoint

Running Like New PowerPoint


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