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Q: What is a Labradoodle?

A: Labrador retriever & standard poodle mix.

Designer dog or mutt? You choose. Either way we are the winners for having them as a part of our family!

Doodle Romp Pictures

Spring Doodle Romp 2011

Spring Doodle Romp 2010

Spring Doodle Romp 2009

Fall Doodle Romp 2008

Spring Doodle Romp 2008

Spring Doodle Romp 2007

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Santa's Helpers (2009)

Settles Bridge Dog Park (10-11-2009)

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Gracie's First Months (with Hershey & Charlie)

Happy Doodle New Year 2008

Doodle Tug-of-War

Hershey and Charlie Growing Up

Obedience School Graduation

Hershey's First Six Months

Wonderful Family Pets

Hershey (to the right) was our first Labradoodle. She was born on November 11, 2006. She is probably stereotypical of most F1 (first generation) doodles. Her father was a chocolate lab and her mother a black standard poodle. Both parents are AKC registered.

Hershey was one of eight puppies. She was a black fur ball with a white spot on her chest. She is so full of energy! She can play fetch with a ball for hours and not get tired. She is also sneaky. If you turn your back on her for even a moment she will be getting into something. She really likes to run off with dish towels and be chased around the house after it.

As you can see from the picture, she is a lovable addition to the family. That is Kevin holding her. She is very obedient and wants to snuggle. Her hair is soft, silky and wavy. It's not generally very lady-like to have a beard and mustache but they look pretty good on her. (Just a note... Labradoodles may be a little "too much" for families with small children because of their size and energy levels.)

Hershey and Kevin

Charlie or "Mr. July 2008"

Consider Pet Adoption

Charlie (to the left) was a rescue animal. We found him through Petfinder in an IDOG listing. A couple months after we brought him home, Charlie was selected as Mr. July for the 2008 IDOG Rescue Calendar. He was born on January 9, 2007. Abandoned by a puppy mill, then given up by a family that did not understand the energetic nature of Labradoodles, we adopted him at 5-months old and 47 pounds. Now at over 100 pounds he is a "ton of fun on the run." Charlie is now a happy, well-adjusted, wonderful addition to our family. You can make a difference in a pet's life too!

Be a Hero. Adopt a Rescue Pet

Available Poo Mix Rescues

They're like Lays Potato Chips...'s hard to have just one (or even two).

Gracie (to the right) was a gift from a dear friend in the Columbus, GA area. She is an F1B Labradoodle, born May 22, 2008. Her dad is a CKC registered F1 Labradoodle and her mom is an AKC registered Standard Poodle.

While she is 10 pounds lighter than Hershey and 45 pounds lighter than Charlie, she can hold her own with the larger doodles. She has boundless energy like Hershey and loves to dig.

Gracie has long, soft, curly hair. She has a sister named Emma that lives with a family nearby. They look very much alike and we share stories frequently about their antics.


How about a family portrait...

Everyone say, "Treat!"

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